Whistleblower Claims FBI Diverting Resources from Child Trafficking Cases to Investigate Jan. 6 – Jim Jordan

Republican Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio joined Tucker Carlson on his Fox News broadcast Monday, telling Carlson and his viewers that a new FBI whistleblower has told him agents are being pulled away from child sex trafficking cases and reassigned to investigate “domestic violent extremism.”

Jordan, like Carlson, referred to the tone that was prevalent in a speech President Joe Biden made in Philadelphia three weeks ago that has become known as the “red speech.”

“Tucker, they’re juicing the numbers and they’re cooking the books, and they are so focused on this, they’re willing to pull agents from child trafficking cases to foster this narrative that you talked about — that Joe Biden, in front of Independence Hall with the red background, clenched fist … [was] talking about half the country being extremists.”

Jordan continued, “So remember, we’ve had previous whistleblowers who came to us and said that they were being pressured to label cases as domestic violent extremism. This whistleblower came forward and talked to us about how they’re cooking the books, making the numbers seem that there are cases all over the country, when in fact, they’re all related to January 6th.”

In a new letter to FBI Director Christopher Wray written on Monday, Jordan explained, “[T]he whistleblower disclosed that the FBI is sacrificing its other important federal law-enforcement duties to pursue January 6 investigations.”


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“The whistleblower recalled, for example, being ‘told that child sexual abuse material investigations were no longer an FBI priority and should be referred to local law enforcement agencies,’” the letter stated.

“Such a posture is not only a dereliction of the FBI’s mission to investigate violations of federal laws, but is a grave disservice to the victims of child sexual abuse and other crimes that do not advance the FBI leadership’s political agenda,” Jordan added.

According to Jordan, the whistleblower told him, “The manipulative casefile practice creates false and misleading crime statistics.

Do you trust the FBI?

“Instead of hundreds of investigations stemming from a single, black swan incident at the Capitol, FBI and DOJ officials point to significant increases in domestic violent extremism and terrorism around the United States.”

Jordan noted in the letter, “Such an artificial case categorization scheme allows FBI leadership to misleadingly point to ‘significant’ increases in DVE threats nationwide.”

He wrote further, “The overwhelming majority of front-line FBI special agents and employees are dedicated law-enforcement officers committed to protecting the American people and upholding the Constitution. But we have consistently heard whistleblowers describe a ‘rotted’ culture within the FBI’s senior leadership in Washington. Contrary to your belief, the FBI is not immune to oversight or accountability.”

Jordan spoke highly of the whistleblower’s credibility, telling Carlson, “Well, we think he is being straightforward. We think he is honest. We think he’s a brave guy for coming forward.”


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Jordan also revealed to Carlson that the whistleblower was found out, and has been suspended from his job.

“And now what’s happened? Today, we learned that this newest whistleblower has been suspended from his job. So, there is retaliation going against this guy for coming forward and telling us what’s going on,” he explained.

Jordan tweeted, “The FBI retaliated against a whistleblower. This, after that same whistleblower told us that the FBI was pulling agents off child sexual abuse material investigations to focus on the January 6th investigation. Unbelievable.”

According to Fox News, when they reached out to the FBI, the bureau responded, “The threat posed by domestic violent extremists is persistent, evolving and deadly.”

Matt Holloway is a millennial, constitutional, conservative commentator, content creator and writer. Matt covers politics, faith, history, national and global news.

Matt Holloway is a millennial, constitutional, conservative commentator, content creator and writer covering the Phoenix area market. Matt covers politics, faith, history and news. A thirty-five year old, happily married father of four: Matt was raised in New Jersey and moved to Arizona in 06′. When he’s not writing, working or spending time with his family, Matt enjoys PC Gaming, Science Fiction and YouTube.

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