Video: It Only Takes 4 Seconds for Biden to Seemingly Forget He Just Shook Schumer’s Hand

President Joe Biden signed the CHIPS and Science Act of 2022 into law on Tuesday at the White House. His actions during the event left viewers bewildered.

The White House posted video of the full event on Twitter, including remarks from Biden, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer.

In one clip, Schumer shook hands with Biden before doing the same with other colleagues.


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Just four seconds after shaking hands with Schumer, Biden put his hand out again. He appeared confused, as if he did not remember he had just shaken hands with Schumer.

Of course, it’s impossible to know whether Biden truly forgot he had already shaken hands with Schumer. It is possible he was confused as to whether he was expected to shake Schumer’s hand a second time.

Are you concerned about Biden’s health?

In any case, Biden seemed visibly confused by what should have been a routine greeting. That is not a good look for the president of the United States.

Biden has been questioned for his bizarre handshake rituals in the past. Following an April 14 speech at North Carolina A&T State University, Biden appeared to try to shake hands with thin air.

Five days after this incident, Politico issued a fact-check assuring Americans that Biden was not, in fact, losing his mind.

“We took a look at those clips and the full videos of Biden’s speech,” Politico reported. “They don’t add up to the claim that he was trying to shake hands with thin air — different angles show that he was gesturing toward onlookers behind him.”


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You see, Biden is not a confused old man. He was just gesturing to the crowd. After all, Politico said so, and everyone knows Politico is completely infallible.

Maybe Biden was not confused on Tuesday, either. Maybe he was just “gesturing” to Schumer that he would like another handshake just seconds after the first one.

Once Biden took the podium to speak about his signing of the CHIPS and Science Act, he was constantly nagged by a terrible cough.

Biden was cleared to leave quarantine just two days prior to this speech, ABC News reported. He had tested positive for a rebound infection of COVID-19 on July 30.

Tuesday’s speech once again showed a president who is suffering both physical and mental decline.

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