Blotter: Complaint over evening construction; report of ID theft

Police responded last Wednesday to an address on Peconic Lane in Peconic in response to reports of construction machinery being operated illegally. The operator of the machinery at the site told police he was backfilling drainage rings and did not want them exposed at night for fear someone could fall into them. The operator was advised that town code bars heavy machinery from being operated after 7 p.m. The work stopped for the day.

• A Laurel man told Southold police he believed his identity had been stolen. He said an unauthorized charge for $6,000 was pending on his Chase credit card. He said his account had been frozen.

• Police responded June 1 to reports of an intoxicated man getting into a vehicle on Main Street in Greenport. At the scene, police found the man intoxicated and placed him under arrest. While being processed at police headquarters, the man “passed out and fell out of the chair in the processing room,” the report states. When he was awakened, the man “began to bang his head against the wall and plexiglass partition,” according to the report. He was taken to Stony Brook Eastern Long Island Hospital to be evaluated. No other information was forthcoming.

• At 8 p.m. on June 4 police responded to a report of a disturbance in the parking lot at 31525 Main Road in Cutchogue. “The caller stated a female was acting erratically and was walking around with plastic bags on her feet,” the report states. When police arrived the person had left in a car, which was found nearby on West Creek Avenue. One of the vehicle’s three occupants, was arrested. She was described as being in an altered mental state. An investigation revealed she had an active arrest warrant from Suffolk PD and was wanted by town police on unrelated charges. “She fled from STPD on foot into the woods, entered Wickham Creek and swam west along the same,” according to the report. “She was arrested by STPD in the Wickham apple orchard. She was placed under arrest.” No other information was forthcoming.

• A key fob was found Sunday at Goose Creek Beach and dropped off at police headquarters.

• Police responded Saturday to reports of a large group of youths around a bonfire at Suffolk County Sound View Dunes Park. A report said approximately 50 youths were found at the location. They were told to extinguish the fire and leave the area.

• A caller told police Sunday that a group of people was fishing on the beach at Mill Lane in Peconic and that one of them had defecated by the walkway to the beach. Police arrived and dispersed a large group of out-of-town fishermen and beachgoers, who were told that only Southold Town residents were allowed to use the local beaches. One of the beachgoers was advised that “using town beaches as a toilet is not acceptable.” No other information was forthcoming.

• A caller advised police Friday at 1 p.m. of a “vehicle driving all over the road westbound on County Road 48.” An officer located the vehicle failing to maintain its lane of travel. The driver was identified as Christopher Zuhoski of Greenport. He was arrested and transported to headquarters. No other information forthcoming.

• At 5 p.m. May 31 a caller told police that nine people, including three children, had crowded onto a raft and left Cedar Beach. The caller said he lost sight of the raft. It was determined that Sag Harbor Marine Master and Shelter Island Marine 11 were assisting those on the raft. The occupants were transported to a dock next to Cedar Beach. It was explained to one of the adults that overloading the raft was a bad idea.

• A Mastic Beach man told Southold police he is a financial dispute with a Mattituck contractor over past work done for him valued at $75,000. The man said the contractor hired him for work on Shelter Island. According to the police report, the contractor said he is being sued for $400,000 by the owner of the property and can’t pay the Mastic Beach man, who also said that the contractor owes him for other jobs as well. The contractor said he did pay the Mastic Beach man $1,800 for previous work. The police report states that, during the dispute, the contractor stated that the Mastic Beach man “was going to come to [the contractor’s] house and threaten his family.” The Mastic Beach man said the contractor “picked up a hammer out of his truck … Surveillance video showed [the contractor] pick up a hammer out of the bed of his truck and then place the hammer back into the bed. [the contractor] did not swing the hammer” at the Mastic Beach man. Undersigned advised both subjects that they would have to settle their civil dispute in court.”

Those who are named in police reports have not been convicted of any crime or violation. The charges against them may later be reduced or withdrawn, or they may be found innocent.

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